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1 in 5 people is Dyslexic

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Orientation Webinar I: The Successful Dyslexic
Orientation Webinar II: Dealing with Dyslexia 

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To enroll in a Class… Simply subscribe to this site by clinking this link...JOIN... and send an email to… …and say I want to enroll in a “Dealing with Dyslexia” On-line class.

The new summer schedule will include many new classes. There will be a course  is for, Parents, and another one for Teachers… as well as new different courses for dyslexics.

I am creating a course for young dyslexics and another high school age dyslexics as well as one just for working adults. New this year is a course for dyslexics who have been incarcerated and are now on the outside finding it hard to deal with their dyslexia in the real world. 

Dyslexics learn what dyslexia is and get new techniques to deal with it.
Parents and Teachers learn what life is really like for the dyslexic child
They also learn about the fear that the dyslexic child lives with everyday
Everyone will learn how dyslexics are bullied and told they are dumb, when the fact is just the opposite…
Everyone will learn… and truly understand how the dyslexic learns…
Dyslexics learn new ways to compensate for this disability.

Join me for my live classes… NOW is the time to register. 

 Because the family needs to support the dyslexic child, I have created Family Friendly Pricing. Your subscription covers the whole family and is only $25  per month for full access to all classes, videos, webinars, newsletter, and special events. 

Once you are a member of this site, it’s simple.  Just go to the “New Classes” Page and register. You can register for any classes by sending an email to me at

On this site you will find  links to my book “The Successful Dyslexic.” It is now available on for digital download and in print.

 It is the  #1 New Release in Learning Disabilities…AMAZON.COM   

*5 star reviews*

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My book and courses offer new insight into what it is like to be a dyslexic child and ways non-dyslexic parents may better understand and help their children.

In addition, the book and the courses contain new approaches to learning that will help older dyslexic teens and adults learn how to study and how to learn with greater efficiency.

In case you missed the Introductory Webinars,

Here are links:

Orientation Webinar I: “The Successful Dyslexic”   

Orientation Webinar II: “The Class on Dealing with Dyslexia”

Webinar I–is an Interview by Dwane Thomas with Mike Thomas on his new book available on

Webinar II — is an interview about Mike’s new class on “Dealing with Dyslexia.”