Class and Webinars

As some of you may know I had to deal with some medical issues this week, but now that that is behind me I will be setting the schedule for Spring Class and some new Webinars I want to do.

If you missed my previous Webinars, you may listen to the recordings on the library page. I will be posting all of my classes and webinars on that page for your convenience.

Also, I am working on the Audio Book just in case you are dyslexic and feel more comfortable listening to the book. Look for it to be available on very soon,  along side my eBook and print version already for sale.

I will be announcing more about the audio book as the release gets closer.

As for the classes, the format will be more interactive that just working through the book. I plan to spend a lot of time answering questions and sharing stories that you, my students send in.

I would like this class to be a place of freedom from traditional teaching formats. We all know that Traditional Teaching Methods Do NOT Work for the Dyslexic. 

More than just lecturing about dyslexia, this class will be a place were we as dyslexics can learn to learn our way. The first rule will be to have fun learning.

I look forward to your joining the class and starting our journey of exploration and understanding.




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