Class is Starting!!!! Join in.

Hi, Yes, class is finally starting. The first class will be on Thursday, May 10th, at 7 pm CDT.

Each Thursday evening at 7 pm we will explore the world of the dyslexic, sharing feelings, stories, and real world ways we use to compensate for our dyslexia. If you are interested in signing up, please send me an email at

The cost is only $25/mo./Family. That is right, not per student, not per class, just $25/mo/family. I want this class to be available to everyone who needs it so I am making it affordable.

That said, if a child or family can not afford $25/mo, then I am setting up a scholarship fund. You may donate whatever you like so that no child will be turned away from class. You may also sponsor a child and attend class yourself as a mentor. This is perfect for teachers that wish to get closer to their dyslexic students.

The Class is about helping parents, teachers and dyslexics understand each other and to help everyone understand that dyslexics don’t learn from traditional teaching methods. We dyslexics need to learn how to learn as a dyslexic. Often we don’t know why we struggle even if we are told we are dyslexic. We don’t know that we learn differently from other kids. It takes a different approach and methods to help us learn.

As a dyslexic myself, I compensated effectively, but continued to struggle until I discovered how to teach myself what I needed to learn. My approach was not traditional, but it worked for me as a dyslexic.

JOIN the class today and see for yourself. No long term commitments or obligations.

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