Class Is Underway…

We had a great class last night and it was recorded and will be available to class members who may have missed the live class. I am glad I can report that we are making great breakthroughs with both the dyslexic and the non-dyslexic parents who finally understand that it was never their fault.

At the end of class the parents said they could not believe how much better they felt and how excited they were making the progress in understanding that is typical of each class.

If you would like to join, it is not too late. It is not a traditional class, but rather a class for dyslexics, by a dyslexic. We are learning how dyslexics learn. We share stories, tips and tricks, and with understanding comes a reduction in fear and isolation for both the dyslexic and the parents.

Registration is simple, just send me an email at

I will put you on the roll and you will be sent a link to each class. When it is class time you simply click on the link and your in.

The cost is only $25/mo./ family…. that’s right…all classes are covered and all family members are welcome to attend. No matter if there is one dyslexic and one parent or 3 or 4 dyslexics and 2 parents, grandma and grandpa, brothers and sisters. All are welcome at that one low price.

Why? Because dyslexia affects everyone and is best countered with understanding.

I’ll be looking for you…


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