Summer Classes Starting Soon… Sign-up Today

Summer Classes are forming now so reserve you place. Email me at

If you’re Dyslexic, you will learn new ways to deal with your dyslexia on a day to day basis.

Parents, now you can finally understand your dyslexic child’s feelings and learn how to offer the support he really needs.

This is a class for the whole family… dyslexics, their parents and loved ones.  Learn what dyslexia really is and how to help the dyslexic overcome their feelings of fear, self-loathing, and humiliation.

Both parents and dyslexics  will realize that dyslexics are not dumb… and parents will realize their child’s disability is not their fault.

Family friendly pricing is only $25 per month for the whole family . Yes, not per child, but the whole family.

Scholarships and Mentoring programs are available for hardship situations.

Look on the class page for more information…

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