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“The Successful Dyslexic” is a book for Dyslexics, their Parents, Friends, and Loved Ones.


The Successful Dyslexic explains what it is like to be dyslexic, and gives fresh new insights for the non- dyslexic Parents, helping them to better understand their dyslexic child.

The chapters describe in detail what it is like to be dyslexic and how best to help the dyslexic child, teen or adult to deal with their disability. In addition the book offers specific ways dyslexics themselves can better compensate day to day.

The author,  Mike Thomas, who is himself dyslexic, has spent his entire life learning how to overcome his disability. Mr. Thomas has a degree in Physiological Psychology and has studied and taught dyslexics at the UCLA Psychological Clinic School. He later taught and tutored both dyslexic and non- dyslexic students in elementary, middle and high school.

Over the years, the need for practical solutions for dyslexics has increase to the point where Mr. Thomas felt, that given the resources of technology and the internet, it was time to write this book.

In addition to the book, he is offering webinars and a full semester course which he teaches himself online. It is his desire to reach as many dyslexic children and their parents as possible to share the knowledge he has gained over a lifetime of being dyslexic. 

The one question every parent always asks is “How can I help my child?” The answer always begins with understanding what your child is feeling. Breaking through the feelings of isolation, humiliation and self-loathing that the dyslexic child constantly suffers, is the first step to creating the possibility of hope for your child.

As with all disabilities, the road to a positive future begins with understanding, both for the parents and the child. Only then can the dyslexic child start to learn how to compensate for their problem.   Given time and the proper techniques to help the child they will come to understand how differently their approach to leaning must be. In time, the child can take control of his or her life and go on to become the Successful Dyslexic.

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