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Enroll Now for New Summer Classes! Schedule- TBA

Hi, If you would like to join any of my live classes, register now.  

Also, I am planning a series of “orientation” classes on Wednesday nights at 7 PM central time zone. These “orientations” will start very soon.  You may join any of the classes, that said, you need only attend  one class to get a good idea of the course.  

Classes will start shortly after orientation classes end. There is still plenty of time.   Please join now for an upcoming class… 

Please send this information…
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Names and ages of all attendees:__________________________
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Also add a little information about your situation and what you would like to get out of this class:___________________________________________

The course, “Dealing with Dyslexia” is for those just beginning  your journey to understanding Dyslexia.

This course is not only for  the Dyslexic, and Parents, but the Whole Family.  A subscription to this site, covers courses for everyone. 

The family will finally find out why dyslexics don’t respond to traditional teaching methods, and how dyslexics learn differently. 

I made this a Class for the Family, because a Parent’s understanding is critical for the Dyslexic to be able to break through their emotional isolation. The emotional side of Dyslexia must be addressed before any real learning can begin. 

This means a Parent or Mentor must support the dyslexic, by providing a safe emotional place to begin their journey.

Summer Schedule:

A New Orientation classes will be held on Wednesday nights  at 7 pm The starting date – TBA. To join in, simply send an email to …and you will get an invitation with full instructions. Then… Just click at the time of the class to join.

In addition to this class, we will have additional classes for enrichment from time to time and also Q and A’s… Times To be Announced. 

In case you miss a class, don’t worry, all classes and Q and A’s are recorded and available on the library page of this site.


A Subscription to this site is only $25.00/mo. 

This entitles you and your whole family to full access to all classes, webinars, Q & A’s, newsletters, and special events for everyone.  no matter if you have one child or three children along with parents, sisters, bothers all attending class… it is still only $25/mo.


Once you sign-up, you may pay by going to PayPal and sending $25 to

Upon payment you will receive an email with class information and links to simply click on when it is time to join the class on your computer.


If a child or family is unable to pay $25/mo, a scholarship may be applied for and 100% of the tuition will be waved.

Donations to the scholarship fund are gratefully accepted and will be used exclusively for student tuition.

For Teachers, or Friends who wish to sponsor a Family or a Dyslexic Child, both the sponsor and the family of the child will all be covered by the subscription. 

Text Books:

A Free Download Copy of the text book… “The Successful Dyslexic” is included with every subscription.