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Orientation Webinar I: “The Successful Dyslexic.” This is an interview I did with Dwane Thomas on his site Dwane It is 55 min long. It is about my new book of the same name.

Orientation Webinar II: “Dealing with Dyslexia” is a followup interview with Dwane Thomas on and is also 55 min. long​​ and looks more at my up coming class.

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5-17-18   Dealing with Dyslexia 2

5-24-18  Dealing with Dyslexia 3

5-31-18   Dealing with Dyslexia 4​

6-14-18   Dealing with Dyslexia 5

6-21-18   Dealing with Dyslexia 6

7-5-18     Dealing with Dyslexia 7

7-12-18   Dealing with Dyslexia 8

7-19-18   Dealing with Dyslexia  9

8-16-18   Dealing with Dyslexia 10

8-23-18   Dealing with Dyslexia 11

8-30-18   Dealing with Dyslexia 12

Orientation Classes:

10-3-18 Orientation Class for the Teachers

10-10-18   Orientation Class For Teachers # 2